Manuscript critique

A manuscript critique is an in-depth examination of your novel. This is highly recommended for authors who have finished a draft of their novel and want to address any issues before redrafting. Whether you plan on submitting to agents and publishers or want to self-publish, a manuscript critique will provide a professional outside opinion on the merits of your project. I will offer constructive feedback in a written report, covering topics such as plot, structure, character development, use of language and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your book.

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Full edit

I will read the manuscript and supply an editorial report to the author. The author can then redraft, if necessary, before I begin the edit. During the edit I may move the location of certain sentences, paragraphs or sections; delete redundant or unnecessarily expository narrative; delete repetitive phrasing and sentences; and rewrite clumsy sentences. I will look for dialogue and behaviour inconsistent with character and pay attention to pacing and the positioning of important plot developments, making changes where necessary. I will supply notes on any major changes. Throughout this process I will remain true to the author's style. I will also check the writing and consistency of your novel on a line-by-line basis, ensuring that the tone, point of view, spelling and grammar are accurate, and that it reads smoothly.

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Please get in touch using the contact form. I will request to see a sample of your work before I am able to quote a price.

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Cover design

I offer a design service for authors who are planning to self-publish their book. Please get in touch using the contact form.

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Advice for publishers

Please get in touch using the contact form to discuss editorial projects and reader's reports.

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